This Precarious Moment

6 urgent steps that will save you, your family, and your country.

America is on the brink of disaster and its future depends on you

It’s tempting to think the work of restoring America’s greatness is done. The stock markets are up, unemployment is down, and Washington’s elite have been called to task. Yet trusted pastor and best-selling author Jim Garlow and David Barton, founder of WallBuilders, argue we are in a precarious moment in time—perhaps the brink of disaster. But there is still hope. Garlow and Barton outline six biblical and historical changes we must embrace in our homes, our communities, and our country to reclaim our future:

1. Achieve healing of our nation’s racial divide
2. Implement immigration policies that protect our borders
3. Turn the hearts of millennials toward strong faith and morality
4. Recognize Israel’s role in world and biblical history
5. Reclaim America’s Christian heritage
6. Restore the church’s influence in society

The truth is racial healing can happen. We can protect our borders. Millennials can open their ears to truth and purity. The US can return to full allegiance with Israel. People can embrace the actual Christian heritage of America, and the church can find its true North. God is calling you to action for such a time as this. That action may be making new relationships, voting for better policies, or arming yourself with biblically correct facts. It always includes prayer. How will you respond to this precarious moment of American history? Written in six sections with hard-hitting, incisive chapters, This Precarious Moment explains these steps using Scriptural accounts, current news, and quotations from the Founding Fathers. Garlow and Barton explain how we got here, providing biblical and historical background, and offering you a way to be part of the solution.