12: Read the scripture verse on page 47. What is that saying to you?

When you hear the words “undocumented” or “illegal,” as listed at the bottom of page 48, what thoughts do you have?

On the top of page 49, we talk about every person being treated “in the image of God.” What does that mean to you?

13: In your opinion, is the immigration system broken? If so, in what way? If not, in what way?

[NOTE – there is an error on page 51, toward the top of the page (in the first edition). It was supposed to say 64% to 36%.]

14: On page 53, toward the bottom, it talks about the word “stranger.” According to the Bible, what was the word “stranger” referring to?

On page 56, discuss the four examples listed in the middle of the page.

15: What does the term “melting pot” actually mean?

On page 59, read the final paragraph, a quotation of what it means to become an American.

On the top of page 60, what does the word “assimilation” mean?

On page 62, what is the biblical model for immigration?

16: On page 63, we state the Founders of this nation were definitely for immigration. According to page 64, how many of the signers of the Constitution were immigrants themselves?

Page 66 says that some immigrants should not be allowed. Why?

17: According to page 67, what were our nation’s Founders’ views on who should be allowed to be an immigrant?

On the top of page 68, it says that one cannot serve two masters. How does that apply to immigration?

18: On the top of page 71, what does it mean to have “paced immigration?” Or, on the bottom of 71, the absence of “principled thinking?”

On page 72, what does it mean to have flawed thinking on the immigration issue?

19: As you read the statistics on page 74, is there anything that particularly surprises you?

20: On page 76, how do you respond when you hear that 99% of Syrians that were allowed into our country were Muslims, and only 1% were Christians? Why would that be?

On page 77, what are the three factors that should cause us to absorb refugees?

21: According to page 78, what appears to be one of the motivations for Democrats to allow for undocumented workers? What appears to be one of the motivations for Republicans to do the same?

What does the word “desuetude” mean? According to page 79, how does that apply to this situation?

22: According to page 80, should we have borders at all? What does the Bible say about it?

23: Carefully read the three-step solution that we are suggesting. Please discuss all three steps on pages 82, 83, and 84.

24: Chapter 24 is titled, The Greatest Opportunity. What is that great opportunity? Will you pray right now for the church to seize the moment for this great evangelistic opportunity? In what ways can you respond?