A Judeo Christian Nation


SECTION FIVE – A Judeo-Christian Nation

49: Was America founded on Judeo-Christian values?

50: Read the opening sentence. Discuss that. 

As you read about what the founders say about the Bible on page 183, what thoughts do you have? 

51: What are the evidences of America’s Christian foundation? What does a “Christian Nation” actually mean? What does it not mean? 

On page 191, you learned how judges used to counsel persons who were sentenced to death. Does that story surprise you? 

In the middle of page 193, the major paintings in the Rotunda of the US Capitol are discussed. What is the common theme among all of them? What does that tell us about our nation’s founding?

52: What is the “Treaty of Tripoli?” (Note: this is a bit complex to understand.)

When people say that the Treaty of Tripoli makes the claim that America is not Christian, are they reporting the context accurately or inaccurately?

53: If America was founded on Judeo-Christian values, does that mean that one is forced to be a Christian, or is this actually a nation where people have a choice, thus pluralistic? 

On page 200, notice the scriptural evidences of non-coercion that are practiced in America today.

54: Read the first two paragraphs on page 203. Why would these professors claim that the US Constitution is “godless?” Why do they have no footnotes or sources to prove their point? What does that indicate?

On page 204 in the first paragraph, discuss what researchers isolated regarding 3,154 direct quotations? What does this tell you about the founders’ reliance on the Bible? 

On pages 205-208, what are some of the evidences of Christianity upon the Constitution?