25: Read the verse on page 87. What does that mean to you? What is its meaning?

Read the attacks upon Israel and the Jewish people that are listed on page 88. Have you observed that yourself?

In the middle of page 89, where did the words “Palestine” and “Palestinian” come from?

26: On the bottom of page 90, what is BDS? Why should you care about that?

On page 92, why is the word “apartheid” used to apply to Israel? Is that application valid?

On page 93, why is it that the United Nations has declared more resolutions in opposition to Israel than any other single country? Why is there such anti-Semitism there?

A “Zionist” is one who believes that Israel has the right to exist, a right to their own nation, a right to defend that nation, and the right for Jews to regather in Israel. In that case, are you a “Zionist?”

27: According to page 98, what is the definition of a Jew?

On page 99, where it sites Genesis 12:3, what does it mean to “curse Israel?” What does it mean to “bless Israel?” What are the results of the curses or blessings?

28: According to page 102, in what year was Jerusalem destroyed? The reason we make mention of this is that no nation has come back into existence after being out of existence. Discuss that.

On page 104, discuss the fact that Jerusalem and Israel belong to the Jewish people. Discuss this: the Jews don’t “occupy” Israel. They own it.

29: In the middle of page 106, what is significant about the year 1917?

According to Chapter 29, how open were the Arabs to sharing the land of Israel?

30: Please review the five listings of bad news for the Jewish people. Discuss them.

31: Why do we say that Israel’s existence is miraculous? On what basis do we make that claim?

Note on page 114, what are the major events that took place on November 29, 1947 and then on May 14, 1948?

On page 115, why is 6:11pm EST important for May 14, 1948?

Based upon the bottom of page 115, what did Israel experience its first day in existence?

Based on page 116, what fraction of 1% do the Israelis occupy in the Middle East? Shouldn’t they be entitled to this tiny piece of land?

32: What is significant about the Six Day War?

Why is anti-Semitism rising? Have you observed anti-Semitism?

33: Page 125, read the sentence where it says, “Jews did not kill Jesus, the sins of humanity did.” Please discuss that.

34: On page 126, what is “replacement theology?” Why do we call it heretical?

35: (Repeating a question from Chapter 26)
What is Zionism? What is Christian Zionism? Are you a Christian Zionist?

36: According to page 134, why should we support Israel?

Assuming you are a Christian, have you ever studied the extremely long history of self-proclaiming Christians persecuting the Jews? Would you be open to studying it? Can you see how this would affect Jews’ view of Christians?